NFT Art collection of AI deep dreams



Well, they do.


We gave some input to an artificial intelligence and let it dream for a while. And the result?

Psychedelic, beautiful and sometimes frightening.

Built on Solana

Built on Solana, every dream image is unique and exists as an NFT (Non-fungible token) on the blazing fast Solana Blockchain.

Only 250 Pieces

SOLdreams are published in collections (we call it EDITIONs) of 25 images each.

They are very rare, there will be only 250 original SOLdreams in total!

Very Rare!

Stored Permanently

The NFT images itself are stored permanently on the blockchain using Arweave Blockchain.


Our text-to-dream pipeline takes combinations of words and uses them to generate inputs for the artificial intelligence. The algorithm runs iteratively on its own outputs and applies some manipulation after each iteration, giving us an endless stream of impressions that explores the set of things the network knows.

If we start this process from an image with random noise, the result becomes a pure result of the neural network... and at the end a lot of images come out, which you don't even recognize anymore, similar to the confusing things, which we sometimes really dream.


That is what we describe with "dreaming".

Picking out and curating the massive dreams that have emerged is manual work.

Collections or EDITIONs

SOLdreams are published in batches of 25 NFTs. We call them EDITIONs.
There will be 10 EDITIONs that we release over time.
Each with 25 handpicked masterpieces.

💎 EDITION-TEN is the crowning conclusion of the series, it contains 25 animated NFTs 💎

In addition, there is a collaboration-edition, which consists of various collaborations with other projects.

  • ONE
  • TWO
  • FOUR
  • FIVE
  • SIX
  • NINE
  • TEN

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What does NFT mean?

    NFT stands for "Non-fungible token". NFT on Wikipedia.

    Our NFTs are stored on Solana blockchain to provide proof of ownership. The NFT images itself are stored permanently on the "permaweb" using Arweave Blockchain.

  • How do I purchase a SOLdream?

    Purchasing a SOLdream is super simple. Either you can use the marketplaces like MagicEden or Digitaleyes where already released SOLdreams are traded.

    Or you can use our auctions. Connect your Solana wallet and look for live auctions. Step-By-Step Guide:

    1. Download the Phantom wallet extension for your browser

    2. Buy Solana (SOL) on an exchange like Coinbase etc. and send it to your Phantom wallet Public Address.

    3. Connect your Phantom Wallet to our auction site by clicking on the Connect button.

    4. Check the live auctions and place a bid

  • If I was outbid in an auction, how do I get my bid back?

    If you don't win the auction you can surely claim your funds back after the auction has ended!

    You do this directly on the site.
    On the auction site for the item you have bid on, there is a blue button "REFUND BID".

  • Are there resale royalities?

    Yes, 5% royalties will be applied to all resales. We will be using these funds for future development.

Our Roadmap

into the Future. Be a part of the SOLdream Family.


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